GST Policy:

- All our prices online, and in-store, include GST (10%).



Everything Floral employs our own delivery drivers who are knowledgable in the care, transportation and handling of flowers*. They will deliver the flowers to the end destination with care and courtesy.  But this is much easier when the correct delivery details are given.  Please be aware of the following:


{*Please note that at times of increased activity such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day we may utilize outside services to accomodate for the increase in business.}


- We do a lot of deliveries all day during the week, so your delivery is but one of many. If you have a specific delivery time in mind let us know and we will do our best to co-ordinate this within the delivery schedule, but no guarantees can be given on specific times.  It will largely depend upon when we receive your order amongst all other orders received, because, as you can understand, the orders given with more notice ahead of time are given the higher priority. Additional fees may be charged to accomodate for special time requirements with insufficient notice.


- Please ensure you have the right spelling, street name, house number, phone numbers, postcode, etc., as we cannot know ahead of time if you have made a mistake.  We cannot take responsibility for incorrect delivery details that you have provided, and we have to work under the assumption that the details are correct.  Very often if there is a mistake it is a simple matter to contact us and let us know.


- Orders that are sent in on a given day that must go out that same day will be put on the PM delivery schedule, or as co-ordinated by staff.  Orders submitted after 2pm may be placed on the AM delivery schedule for the following day, or as co-ordinated by the discretion of staff.  Orders placed after 2pm receive no guarantee of same day delivery.


- If the property cannot be accessed due to locked gates, big angry dogs, apartments with buzzers or wrong address details, we will bring the flowers back and nurse them until we have resolved the issue with you. If this information is not given with the initial order you may be charged an additional delivery fee for the second trip as double-handling costs time and money.

- If the recipient is not at home or work, we may leave the flowers in a sheltered place or with a colleague so they get a big surprise when they get back.  We will leave cut flowers in a container or wet-packed so they stay looking their best.  We will leave them in sufficient shade and privacy where possible. We can’t be responsible for the delivery if the person doesn't come home for an extended period, severe weather hits, a hungry animal eats the flowers or a neighbor steals them, so please let us know if the recipient is likely to be there during certain time frames.

- If you are sending flowers to a hospital and the patient has been discharged or cannot be located by staff, we will bring the flowers back to the shop and call you to tell you the good news about them getting healthy again. We will gladly redirect the flowers to the recipient's home and we will let you know the charge for delivery to this suburb.


-Please note that the fresh flower's same-day delivery cut off time is 2pm Mon-Fri and 10am Sat. We reserve the right to forward standard orders to a Petals/Teleflora member if the delivery location is closer to that member. We do deliver locally on Sundays by previous arrangement only.  We do not delivery Public Holidays. Delivery of any online orders made on a public holiday or a Sunday will be made on the next business day.


Delivery complaints:
If there is an issue with the delivery service please notify us within 24-48 hours. Many of these issues relate to incorrect delivery details being provided by you, so please ensure you have the right spelling, street name, phone numbers, suburb and postcode on hand. Grievances received after this period will be considered on an individual basis.


- Please inform us of any special instructions with the order to tell us about access issues (like gates, big dogs), recipient’s working hours or the best spot to leave flowers if the recipient is not at home/work.  All of this information helps us to ensure proper delivery.


Substitution policy

Most of the flowers featured are readily available and accessible, but sometimes supply is restricted depending on a number of things. You have to remember many flowers are not available all year round and we do have limited stock and we can sell out of certain flowers depending on popularity of the item and supply.  If something you have ordered is not on hand we will substitute products where necessary whilst maintaining the same ‘essence’ and value of the design.  This means substitutions may include:

- Substitute with similar color (so the overall design is the same color scheme)
- Substitute with similar flower (so the overall design is the same style)
- Substitute with similar texture (so the overall design is the same ‘feel’)
- Substitute with similar forms (so the overall design is the same ‘shape’)

If we feel we cannot achieve a design that is sufficiently close to the one you ordered, we will be in contact to offer you a choice of alternatives. If you have particular wishes you may express them and we will do our best to fulfill them.


Quality Control:
- If there is an issue with the quality or standard of product received from us, we expect you to let us know within 48 hours of the order being delivered.  A photograph will help us identify the problem and discuss a resolution with you. Grievances received after this period will be considered on an individual basis.

- Please note:  flowers are often sent out while they are still budded, as this ensures freshness and extends the life of the flower for the duration that the customer can enjoy the flowers longer.


Layby Policy:

- Layby is not available for fresh flowers or any perishable goods.

- We offer layby in the form of a payment plan for goods such as giftwares.  A 25% deposit must be paid to hold the goods.  This confirms that the goods can be held for up to 2 months, as long as regular payments (of any size) are made.  Regular payments are defined here as payments made within a two week time frame of each other. 

- Payments can be made in-store or via phone.

- If regular payments are not made we will make every effort to contact you and sort out the issue.  If no communication can be made then the layby is cancelled.  The goods will be put back onto the shop floor and the money paid until that point becomes store credit for you to spend at some future time.

- Store credit of this nature must be used within one year of being notified that the layby has been cancelled.  This store credit is not redeemable for cash.

- Customers receive a copy of these terms & conditions and must be accepted and signed in order for the layby to commence.


Placing and paying for an order:

- Orders can be placed in store, online or via phone.

- PHONE ORDERS - Order details and payment details are agreed upon during the discussion of your order prior to charging your Mastercard or Visa. We will not process your payment until we have confirmed your order.  Please have your Mastercard or Visa details ready so we can process payment.  These details are used only until payment is confirmed.  We do not retain credit or debit card information.  Each transaction will require these details to be repeated.

- If you do not have a credit card, we can invoice you, and you can make an online deposit into our account using the invoice details. However this can take up to 2 business days for cleared funds to appear in our account. We do not process orders until cleared funds have been received.

- CASH is only accepted in-store. Orders cannot be collected in-store or delivered until cleared payment is made. CHEQUE payments are only available to approved customers (generally our corporate clients). Orders are not processed until payment is completed.

- ONLINE ORDERS are processed via PayPal as a secure third-party server.  This ensures privacy and security for our customers in accordance with our policies (see below).

- SPLIT ORDERS If you have added items to your shopping cart that might be for yourself and other items for a friend (example: you selected a candle for yourself and also want to send flowers as a gift to a friend) you must let us know by contacting us immediately, as payment can only be made in one lump sum.  In general, we encourage people to call us directly in these instances.

- Some products may not be available for delivery on the same day -these details are specified on the relevant product pages.



Making changes or adding to your order:

- If your order has not been made/delivered it is a simple matter to contact and change your order.  Changes may require additional payment dependent upon the change.


Cancelling your order:

- If your order has not been made or dispatched for delivery it is a simple matter to cancel the order with full refund of any monies paid.  Cancellation must happen with sufficient notice to do this.

- If the order has been made (ie. we have done the agreed upon flower arrangement) then it can still be cancelled, but since the work has been done, we will retain 50% of the payment and refund the rest. The retained amount is to cover costs for work done.  Especially when a flower arrangement has been specifically designed to suit your order preferences.

- Orders cannot be cancelled after they have been delivered.  At this point the agreed upon order has been completed in full.  If something happens in your personal life that makes you wish you had never bothered sending flowers to a person who has betrayed you, unfortunately, we have nothing to do with that. We are under no obligation to refund you money for the actions of another person in your personal life.


International Orders:

- We are a proud member of the Petals/Teleflora Florist Network.  We use this network to arrange delivery of flowers worldwide.  The prices set by the network vary between countries due to flower supply and currency conversion.  In order to send internationally you must contact us directly to enquire about international delivery and prices.


Products containing alcohol:

- You must be 18 years or older to order or receive alcoholic beverages.

- A Signature and Photo Identification may be required on delivery.

- Other licensing restrictions may apply in some states.

- A liquor licence is not required to sell alcohol that is included in the sale of flowers or food designed to be delivered as a genuine gift to a person – such as a gift basket or bouquet of flowers.

- The alcohol included in the gift will be purchased from a liquor retailer. The maximum volume of alcohol in each gift cannot exceed 2 litres.

- The gift must be packaged and presented in such a manner that it would be taken to be a gift.

- The gift can only be delivered to an adult who is not the purchaser. It cannot be delivered to a person at the location where the gift was purchased.

- Gifts must be delivered between the hours of 7am to 7pm.


Privacy Policy:

-  Everything Floral does require users to provide contact information when placing an order or making an enquiry on our website or phone.  This is a measure to be able to contact customers placing orders in case there is an issue that needs to be resolved, or to be able to respond to enquiries directly.  

- This information is kept secure in our system and not given to any third parties for any purpose (the only exception being where required by a court order or police enquiry).

- The contact information may be used for future marketing purposes.  If this is unsuitable for any customer they may request that their information be removed from our system.  This does not exclude them from using our website or services. This applies to both customers and delivery recipients.

- We utilize PayPal as a secure and private third party server for processing online payments as this offers a high level of privacy and security in accordance with these policies for our customers.  Please see PayPal privacy and security policies if you wish to learn more.

- Phone orders and phone payments require payment information (see above for payment policies) but once the payment is processed and the order is completed we do not keep the credit/debit card information.  This requires the customer to provide the information each time they call.  We will not keep this information even if given permission by the customer to do so.




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